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Thread: Finally Someone Gets it

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    Finally Someone Gets it

    I hope this initiative works as advertised, and boy is this guy "on".

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriuslyLong View Post

    I hope this initiative works as advertised, and boy is this guy "on".
    Yep, this guy gets it. Washington isn't listening to the public. He's right about that.

    But, what he forgets to say is that Washington wasn't listening to the American people 2 years ago either. That's why the Republicans got so badly beaten. They voted time and time again for tax cuts and never decreased spending. The recession was brought on partially by policies that were put in place while Republicans were in control.

    We have a problem. But, it's not a Democrat or a Republican problem. And the sooner that these two groups quit blaming each other, the better off we will all be.

    We are fighting two wars that were pushed on us by the Washington elite. We are losing both wars and we'll never win either one of them. They are costing us billions of dollars and countless lives.

    The only way we can fix things up is to stop the spending on useless programs and war. I don't think either party has the balls to do either one of those things.

    The Democrats will tell you that we can't stop social spending. And the Republicans will tell you that all we need to do is cut more taxes. They are both wrong.

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