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Thread: Sl2 error meassage

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    Sl2 error meassage

    I have the SL2; (stiletto 2) which was purchased 2yrs ago. about three weeks ago Sirius sent out an update which upon completion gave me an error message when I tried to connect to the satellite signal, and powered the unit down.

    I have tried the following:

    Spoke with customer service; nothing.

    Took the battery out for 20-60 seconds; nothing

    Reset system; nothing

    Did a system recovery; nothing

    Did a system recovery twice; nothing


    I go to settings select device, choose antenna aiming; states "Press options to turn on your Satellite Radio" when I select the option it gives me an error message showing a clock and powers down.

    Any suggestions? Or knowledge of third party that might be able to fix the unit?
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