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Thread: Lost recordings

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    Lost recordings

    I've got the SL2 and it's been working OK until recently. Lately it dropped most of my "heart" recorded songs, but a few were left. Then it stopped recording my scheduled shows...or at least they didn't show in "recently recorded." Then today ALL recordings are gone, except those I copied onto the memory card from my own collection.

    I've tried removing the battery and restarting a couple of times. I verified it has the latest software. It plays fine, both internet and radio.


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    there's a thread here about common sl2 problems with good info, helped me with mine.

    You can't use the sl2 memory for storing content for very long, it starts to screw up. For me, I record the Stern show all week long, then delete the shows on friday and then DO A SHUTDOWN, not sleep mode. I have been problem free for over a year now. Basically after you delete stuff, do a shutdown. Keeps the software healthy.

    hope this helps

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    I saw the thread about deleting/shutting down and tried it with songs on the memory card (since it wouldn't keep any recordings I didn't have much choice; every time I recorded something I got the "no file" message). It worked and I recorded a couple of things, but then it messed up again.

    I'm gonna try to restore and take it from there, but since the delete/shut down forces a memory check, apparently, I'll start doing that as maintenance.


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