Hey JS, I read the following post from poster named foxy on the hub:


This year, May 28th serves as our official "ranking date", when the
largest US and global companies are ranked to form the preliminary US
and global reconstitution portfolios. June is the month that the
preliminary reconstitution portfolios are communicated to the
marketplace, with the official open file of our newly reconstituted
portfolios debuting on June 28th.

If a stock is trading below $1.00 USD before May 28th, it will not meet
the requirements for inclusion in any of our Russell Indices. If it is
trading over $1.00 USD at May 28th, it is eligible for inclusion.
If, between May 28th and June 28th, the stock falls below $1.00 USD, we
will delete it's membership as this is a period of review and allows for
any corrections to membership, shares, and corporate actions.

If the stock is still included in the Russell Indices after June 28th,
and drops below $1.00 USD in, say, July- it will be captured by our
daily corporate actions report and deleted from membership. Once
deleted, it will not be eligible for re-inclusion until the following
reconstitution period.

It is important to note that our reconstitution process and indices
methodology are not subjective- they are completely objective and
transparent. I have attached a copy of our US Index Methodology for you
that references our recon process and our rules-based methodology.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any additional
Many thanks and kind regards,
Courtney "

The statement about being automatically deleted from consideration during the evaluation period if it trades again below a dollar again troubled me but I can see where it would make some sense? I have been unable to document the statement to date...are you aware if this is an accurate statement or not?

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SiriusXM was removed from the Russell last June. The sp must close above $1tomorrow or will not be listed on the Russell this year. Be very careful with what you read at the hub. That place is full of lies, mis-information, and utter BS.