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Congrats Jeff!!!

I have a gut feelng that you'll have an opportunity to get back in on a dip tomorrow. Nothing would suprize me with this stock....I only hope it's temporary though. Weve been up 3 days now...can't keep going up forever.

Good luck tomorrow!!!! Be sure to let us know when you buy back in, so that I can catch it falling right after!!!!

Chuck...I hope you didn't sell off all of your SiRI today. We wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the old blue dog we all invested in way back when.
hahaha NO, I wouldn't part with all of the good ol SIRI! We've been up together, we've been down together.....it's sort of like my wife by now. LOL I still hold some that I paid 4 bucks for. So, I don't think I'll be parting with that anytime soon.

But, I will keep buying QASP. After the CC today, I feel stronger than ever about it. One of the lenders is taking stock that they can't sell till it reaches at least 20 cents. So, I figure if a lender thinks it's going to be worth that, I'll hold for it too.

Jeff, I would buy a small position as soon as possible. I think it will be on a steady climb for at least another week or two. But, please make sure you tell us when you buy. So we can buy on the dip an hour or two later...