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Thread: Extra password characters

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    Unhappy Extra password characters

    I am trying to log into the online player, but after entering my password and the scrambled letters, about 6 additional characters are added to the password and there is a log in error/incorrect password. I have tried different browsers and also cleared my saved passwords, to no avail.

    Anyone know what's going on?


    Sacramento, CA

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    Sounds like a bug with your browser. I would take the password, write it down in notepad, then copy the password and paste it into the password field. Then do nothing else but hit submit.

    When I go back to login to the online feed I am seeing a saved password that is much longer then my actual password as well but, when I enter my password... it works.

    Have you been able to login successfully in the past or is this all new to you?
    Charles LaRocca
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    Sirius Player encrypts the password

    It looks like since the player does not use secure transport (https), that when the submit button is pressed, they are encrypting the password you've entered prior to REALLY sending the data to the server.

    Below is the source javascript code that's doing this for us.

    This also screws up the password saving features of Firefox.

    function formSubmit()

    ... code removed ...

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