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Thread: 11.6 Million Vehicles Forecasted to be Sold in 2010

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    11.6 Million Vehicles Forecasted to be Sold in 2010

    One more prediction by a senior automotive industry analyst.
    There are also stock recommendations included.

    Sorry but i thought John might enjoy this.

    TWST:Within the auto industry, do you see a significant
    increase in "green" vehicles?

    Mr. Efraim Levy: There is clearly a focus on green vehicles, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and more fuel-effecient vehicles. THE R and D DOLLARS ARE GOING INTO THESE AREAS, and the pipeline has new electrical vehicles scheduled to be launched soon, such as Nissan's LEAF and General Motors' Volt - they've announced that that is expected later this year. So sales of those types of vehicles are expected to grow."
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