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    Q4 2010 cc

    Something to think about . . .

    IF (and I did say "if") Liberty elects to tender on or after 2-17-11, will Mel & Company have the Q4 and full-year earnings report ready for filing/distribution before the voting period ends?

    Will they??

    Just saying . . . if I have to vote on a Tender Offer, I would like to think I would be afforded the opportunity to reach a fully informed decision which, as part of any normal due diligence, might include, but is not limited to, a thorough review of Q4 (a traditionally strong period) and full-year earnings reports, right?

    I mean, hey, John Malone & Greg Maffei will have seen the #'s . . . so they know full-well what they are buying.

    Do you think maybe I could take a peek at the #'s so that I know what I am potentially selling??

    What about January #'s? Do we get to hear about those? (John & Greg do)

    What about year-to-date? Can I at least see the OEM #'s for the first 17 days of February?
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