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Thread: Debt Crisis May Spread to U.S., Japan: Roubini

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    Debt Crisis May Spread to U.S., Japan: Roubini

    When Roubini speaks one must listen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Havakasha View Post
    When Roubini speaks one must listen.
    Hmmmmmmm, wasn't there some discussion on this topic earlier this week?

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    Hmmmm. i seem to remember the errors of your ways. Blaming Obama for everything even when it didnt start on his watch and he has been busy trying to reform the financial system as the banks and Republicans try to block him every step of the way. You do know who Paul Volcker is correct. Do a little reading about him and what he is recommending. If you want i can post some articles for you.
    No doubt there are major problems in the worlds financial system. Read the 2 articles on the political thread and try again to throw away those silly Republican talking points and then maybe we can have a serious discussion.

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