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Thread: says about 100,000 new subscribers in April???

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    Joined: May 2008 Posts: 2,836 says about 100,000 new subscribers in April???

    Well not really, they just track new car sales month to month and they estimate that April sales are a little down from March at a sales rate of 988,100 cars sold in April. But we here can figure most to the rest out and at the present penitration rates (SIRIXM says 60%), after taking out present estimated churn rates you basically get to almost 100,000 new subs for April.

    I will go further and say that if history holds and the next two months hold to history then May and June both should equal out to about the same as April therefore I am going to take a long shot in the dark and predict at least 300,000 new subs in the 2nd quarter (Of course this will be updated UP or DOWN once new sales figures come in).

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