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Thread: saving broadcasts to ipod

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    saving broadcasts to ipod

    Last weekend at a weekend camp poker game (they got a little of their money back) I supplied the music with my starmate5 plugged into a sub-x boombox. (Classic vinyl had the nonplayers dancing). One of the players asked a question that I couldn't answer because I don't know a thing about i-pods. He would like to get a sirius radio and download the songs to his i-pod and make a playlist to save for future listening. Is this possible and if so, which reciever does he need and how would he go about accomplishing this.

    ps. Would internet radio be his best option

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    Free Internet radio would be a good option. You can record directly from the computer, then split up the recording with an audio editing program. This is the way that I get songs I hear on, for example, K-Love radio (FM), on my iPod. I just record a big chunk of streaming radio using Audacity on my PC, then select a portion that contains a song, and save it as an Ogg Vorbis or MP3 audio file. Then, just add it to iTunes. If you wanted to use Sirius, you could just either use the Internet streaming radio the same way, or hook up a receiver to your Line-In on your sound card, and dub it that way with Audacity. Either way, it's a cheap way to get loads of great music. Please note though that usually the Internet stream will have better sound quality than the satellite feed (usually, but most likely if you have broadband internet).

    If anybody has any questions, I would be happy to oblige. E-mail at scottmac1120<at>gmail<dot>com.


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