Hello everyone I'm new to Sirius Buzz and I wish it were under better circumstances.

I've had my Stiletto 2 for two years now and it's been running flawlessly until this weekend. I was running it off of the battery in my car (temp ~80 degrees) and the unit powered off by itself though it had atleast 30 percent battery left. When I plugged it in at home first it would turn on and allow me to listen to satillite or wifi radio but the left channel would just be silent of have white noise. The unit would no longer power on using the battery, but if i put the battery in the unit i would hear the tiny hum of it being powered on, but the screen and unit was superficially off. I read on the forums on performing recovery and I tried it and when it gets near the end of the recovery when the screen on the stiletto changes to a clock saying it's uploading software the screen on the computer says that it was "unable to recover your stiletto" and since I"m over warrenty Sirius wont help me.

Any ideas guys?