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Thread: Sirius Weekly Thread May 3, 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    Dumbass, There is a difference between typos and incorrect spelling. Now while one is done because of going to fast, often faster then ones capabilities to type the other is because if asked specifically how to spell something he could not.

    I would be the first to admit and have done so several times already, I suck at typing and my spelling is not the best. Even a twit like yourself havasucker should know what Siriusly long (incidently you misspelled "Siriusly long" IT IS NOT SPELLED, "S&L" (what the hell is this "&" even doing in there I mean that insinuates you are saying, siriusly "and" long, were did the "and" come from)) was talking about was that I used "hear" instead of "here". Something I have seen many do ON BLOG SITES, from Tyler to johnny irish to relmor to Brandon to (yes as I have just shown you havasucker) to ect. to ect. to ect. to ect., not only have I seen it done with the word "here" but "no" (actually spelled "know") or vise versa, the word "to" (actually spelled "two") or vise virsa, I cannot tell you how many times the word "too" should have been used instead of "to".

    I would be the last person to say a word on a blog about spelling or being gramatical. That would implie I cared and I dont, not only because it is a blog but that would mean I better be perfect on it because if I cared so much about when others do it then I must care even more about myself, therefore If I (Yes havasucker "I" is capitalized) messed up I would have to look even more stupid because I truely could not blame it on anything else except being a dumb twit that did not know better. Do you get it havasucker, if you care so much about being gramatically correct then why so many mistakes from you. One could only surmize that you really dont understand that "I" should be capitalized or what this "&" means. You are the one that cares so much about being gramatically correct, right. So How do you explain your own errors except that you actually dont know you messed up.

    P.S. This site has "spell checker" and if I cared I would have used it, except I have not used it even once. Thats because spell checker does not make you intelligent.

    P.S.S. If that was the case you would not have brought politics to this thread in the first place.
    John, you really are a fruitcake and a liar.

    Read your own post here. In the second paragraph, you hop all over Havakasha about his spelling and grammar. And then in the third paragraph, you say you'd be the last person to do such a thing. You even lie to yourself. And you hop all over him for referring to Siriuslylong as S&L. But you refer to Havakasha as havasucker in the same paragraph.

    John, you operate using double standards and lies. And then you accuse others of doing the same thing. Son, you need to remember a simple logical thought. People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones.

    The shame of all of this is that you have a very good logical and clear thinking mind when it comes to providing information about Sirius stock. But, you suck as far as most of your other thinking goes.
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