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Thread: At least 70% of South American immigrants are dumb twits or just lazy.

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    I keep wondering if JOHN will ever come back to defend his hate speech.

    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    Dont think so, well here read this first and see if what they do makes any sense WHAT SO EVER.

    First, we start with the fact that they are all coming here for a better life, we can all agree with that right, OK.

    Second, that means ether:

    1) That their life sucks so bad that they cant make a living working 16 hours a day or cant get a job.


    2) That their life sucks so bad because the benefits are to little for them to make it.

    So that gets us into the why does their life suck???? I think we can all agree that every South American government they come from, has a very socailist leaning government.

    So the basic reason is because the governments suck.

    So ether they are coming here to work hard for a better life OR the benefits there suck.

    That means the ones that come here for the first reason (want to work hard for a better life). Came here to escape the terrible living conditions in their country. So what makes 70% of them, dumb twits???? here is the reason 70% of them leave their own country because they cane make a living there under the socailist government and what do they do when they get here and can vote. YES that is right they vote for the very same people (liberial democrats) that want the same kind of government they just got through escaping from. Heres a clue you dumb twits, if you dont like the polocies of your government then you vote to change them. Now if you cant and you come to another country, THEN YOU DONT VOTE FOR THE SAME TYPE OF PEOPLE THAT SCREWED YOUR PREVIOUS COUNTRY UP WITH THE SAME DUMBASSED POLOCIES. Here get a clue, if you frick this country up TOO then you wont have another one to run to. Do you get it, you dumb twits.

    Now on to the others.

    That means second reason, (the benefits are not good enough) because they are just looking for a BETTER free ride, now that they have used up the wealth of their own country and just want a better free ride here. That puts them in the not dumb catagory but puts them in the lazy catagory.

    I say ether way we are better off without at least 70% of them and should keep them out.

    Listen these people should know better then most U.S. Americans why socialism does not work and must be dumb twits or just lazy to want to vote for the very same people that want the same polocies that fricked up their own country.

    They are as stupid as the people that move out of one state because they are taxed to much and the economy sucks TO a state where taxes are lower and has a better economy AND THEN vote for the very same people in the new state that fricked up their old state they just left. Just look at Virgina as an example, Just look at FL. as an example.

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    John would never call it hate speech. He just believes he hates everyone equally so its all ok.

    He is not coming back here because according to John he has won all the arguments. It appears he hasnt won all the political arguments on the stock thread however. How is that for twisted logic?

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