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Thread: Jimmy Cramer Undressed on CNBC

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    Jimmy Cramer Undressed on CNBC

    Must-see TV (thanks to julietoo for this find) . . . former GS employee and Shill-in-Chief Erin Burnett (aka Maria 2.0 or Maria Light) defends little Jimmy Cramer (hand in cookie jar & also a former Goldman employee) as he takes real heat from a guest on CNBC's Street Signs . . . watch how Erin bans the guy from returning for the next segment . . . ya just can't make this stuff up . . .

    Erin Burnett . . who once went to commercial break with the following tease: "Is Sirius XM going to zero?"

    Erin Burnett . . who is so dense that she caused Mark Haines to dismissively say "whatever" to one of her many Goldman excuses . . .

    Erin Burnett . . who CNBC flys halfway around the globe to showcase empty skyscrapers in Dubai . .

    Erin Burnett . . who when faced with the Goldman fraud charges opined, "but that's simply a hedging transaction, isn't it?"

    btw, here Erin puts her Boarding School background to good use by doing some excellent reporting on boobs:
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