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    Delisting on the Horizon

    Delisting on the Horizon

    by Tyler Savery

    While Sirius XM investors might take comfort with today's close of $1.08, a daily loss of 3 cents per share bears watching. At this rate of decline, day 7 of the current run toward organic compliance with the NASDAQ $1 listing rule will fall short and the dark cloud of noncompliance will cast its long gloomy shadow over this equity for the foreseeable future.

    Couple this news with Siri's rising short interest, major signal outages that are plaguing the entire Northeast, deceptive customer service reps, unfilled gaps below $1 and substantial one-time-charges to be taken in the 1st Quarter and you have a toxic storm that sets up for an extended bear raid on this equity.

    Investors should be very cautious. The OEM promotions that accelerated new auto sales in March may very well cannibalize sales volume later in the year. Weakness in the overall economy or a double-dip recession might very well find this equity trading on the pink sheets.

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