by Tyler Savery

Investors in Sirius XM have been jubilant lately at the quick run up in price but the recent news of Goldman Sachs facing fraud charges bears watching. Goldman holds a substantial position in Sirius XM common equity. Any substantial fine as a result of those charges could cause Goldman to suddenly liquidate their Siri position in order to raise cash.

This in turn could cause the share price to fall well below the $1 mark before making 10 straight days and regaining compliance . . . possibly even filling a very important gap at $0.38 . . . and thus causing Sirius XM to be delisted from the NASDAQ.

DISCLOSURE: I am not shorting the equity but I wish I could. The street.con gets lots of hits from negative Siri headlines so I have decided to join in. Scare stories with headlines about delisting, unfilled gaps, signal outages & poor customer service are big traffic generators and I am getting in on the big bucks.