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    At The Store

    A man goes into a Walmart. He notices a machine that says pour your urine in the tube and a diagnosis will come out. If you have a problem it will tell you what to do.

    He goes into a washroom, comes out with urine and puts it in the machine. A few seconds later out comes a report that says you have tennis elbow and in aisle 7 find the Aleve. That will take care of the pain.

    He’s very impressed but wants to try to trick the machine. Goes home and gets his wife’s urine, his daughter’s and then ejaculates into the bottle.

    Goes to the store and pours this into the machine.

    Out comes the report. First, your daughter is a crackhead; two, your wife is pregnant with twins and they’re not yours. And three, if you don’t stop jerking-off your tennis elbow will never get better.
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