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lol yea i wasn't really careful with stocks it looked like it was a sure thing
yea i'd assume i'd be bad at poker but it could be fun. i haven't decided yet if i'm going to try it or not yet.

have you tried it before?

i saw you can enter like double or nothing tournaments.
ex. 10 pple - buy in:10$ = 5 winners at 20$ thats kind of neat.
no, I spend enough time with stocks, and it's taken me years to learn how to trade, and it was only until this new year to where I took it superserious trading only a single style - swing/pattern trading - that's it, nothing else. Going really well so far.

But, I did pick up a poker book, since a lot of really good traders play poker, so i learned the opening hands and cleaned up at a poker game with a lot of drunks at a party. I think the drunk part helped. There were only about 4 people who really knew what they were doing.