Hello Everyone,
I am new here..but what a fun group I have noticed..I have lurked here for some time.

Here are my positions and thoughts.

QASP I was in deep a few months back and got out and lost 4K. Just began to think it was dilution, dilution, dilution. Then in the last few weeks I have noticed some very positive PRs coming out.. I went back in..not quite as deeply. But it looks like dilution big time on Thursday...so I am so..see-sawing on this one. I will hold for a little while longer.

BEHL: I made a ton of money on this one way back..bought in at .0025 and sold at .05. I was very happy. Then bought back in at .035 thinking it would rebound...and...well still waiting. I think long term they will do well...but it might be a long time.

MGLG: Let's not talk about that one..went in knowing it was a gamble. It did not pay and I was out 5k. But...BEHL at the same time was going up..so it covered my losses..not that it really made me happy though.

ACAS: I have been in ACAS since the mid 3's and am doing very well....looking forward to some Divi's this summer. I believe this will continue to climb all summer.. perhaps reaching 7 or more.

AIB: looking at the 3 month chart I believe this is on a nice dip and will rebound as much as a dollar or more in the next 2 months. Take a look at its 3 month chart. Very intriguing.

LYG: Went into this one with some apprehension. Picked it up in the mid 3's and I think it will edge up this summer as well. It has already said that it believes that this year will be a profitable one.

IFSL: Sub-penny stock that looks real good...please tell me why this one is not going up...I have no idea... They are posting profits..yet it sits there like a dead fish at the bottom of the boat.

HIMX: This is an outstanding stock...No debt and solid profits along with dividends. I have swing traded this for the last two years with very good results. Watch for it to dip back in the high 2's. I think 2.85 would be a good purchase. I think it will continue to go up 2 steps back one for the rest of the year.

Well that should give you an idea of the stocks I am playing with currently. I will have more questions and discussions for you guys in the neat future. I look forward to having fun with all of you on the board.