I've had a Stiletto 2 for over a year and I have to say I've become disappointed with what I though was a decent device.

I'm a Howard Stern fan but I live on the west coast. Naturally, I set up my radio to record the live show when it starts at 3am. When I get to work, it all recorded and I can listen throughout the day. It's pretty great.

The problem I'm having is the radio doesn't always record! It seems to be related to removing and replacing it in the dock. If I take it in and put it back, it fails to record the next show! I have to 'reset and erase' to get it to start recording again. NOW, it spontaneously erases the program, while I'm listening to it! WTF!? I have no idea if it's dock related but if I don't touch it, it seems to work. The spontaneous deletion is a new thing. It just started doing it last week. I was in the first hour of the show and it disappeared forever.

I'm seriously ready to smash this thing, but I paid $300+ for it. For that price this thing should be flawless. It's a shame. Sirius is no help with this problem, as you can imagine, since my radio is now old.