Yes that right they were elected into power in 2006 and looky at what happen since then.

Yes I will use Havasucker own analogy against himself.

But if we go by the facts this recession would have happened reguardless. If you look at history, they happen about every 7 to 8 years. The reason this one was so bad is because of the banks collapse that was caused because democrats in congress forced banks to make bad loans to people that could not possibly pay them back. The record is clear and the videos tell the truth, they cannot be denied, the republicans in commitee all voted to regulate FAN and FRM but all the democrats voted against it.

As for Bush he did TARP and from the evidence out, almost all the money loaned out during the Bush time in office has now not only been paid back but with interest and almost none of the money loaned out during Obamas time in office has yet to be paid back and looks like it will never be.

As for recession every president that has had two term has had to deal with one it is not the fact you have one that is the problem it is how you deal with it. Bush handled his making it the shortest shallowest recession in history, using 150 billion. Obama on the other hand has had well over a trillion dollars at this point to take care of this and has yet to make any difference that is measurable.

Need a comparison, Bush even with two wars going full force will have spent LESS in is TWO TERMs (8 years), then Obama in his first year and a half (20 months). Bush started his presidency with a 5.5 percent umemplyment had an average of 5.2 percent unemployment and Obama started his with a 7.6 unemployment and has averaged so far 9.6 and even his own administration thinks it will stay in the mid 9 percent range for the next 2 to 3 years. That why 41% of the population at this point would rather have Bush back.