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Thread: Stiletto 2 Car Pack Problems

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    Post Stiletto 2 Car Pack Problems


    I received a Stiletto 2, subscription, and car pack in December and had no problems installing everything in my car. I've also had no problems picking up stations - until this past week. I can turn on my Stiletto and plug it into my cardock and listen to pre-recorded songs and stations without any problems, but I cannot currently pick up any stations. All my presets say 'No Information', and each station only has silence. I've unplugged my antannae and the power cable to my car dock, and then plugged them back in after a while- but still no success. With the NCAA tournament officially kicking off more than an hour ago, I'm in desperate need to get it working again so I can listen to all the games! And yes- my subscription is still active.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on what to do?

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    Stupid question... are you parked in one spot? You might be in a dead spot.
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