I'm sitting on my eggs waiting for them to hatch too. Don't have much to add other than a curiosity I discovered during a particularly painful period of penny stock boredom.

More than one of the pigs I've sunk my money into had, coincidentally, big runs in late july and august of last year. What are the chances that Qasp, Behl and IFSL all ran at the same time. I'm thinking it's rogue traders at the MM offices having fun while everyone's in the Hamptons for August break.

Am I crazy? Probably...but it made me feel better that there's a ray of hope I can recoup some this summer.



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There's life yet here!

Shot Bill an email, haven't heard anything back, hoping that he is just busy ...

I am desperately trying to apply that patience factor that was discussed a little while back ... Have a handful that I would be happy to just get close to even on .. Full disclosure;

SIRI - 1.00 something, shoulda, woulda ... But, not worried. Sold a few that breached the one year mark- Still holding 80% of the core.

KATX - Like this one. Junior exploration Co. Good CEO. The price has held very well for a number of weeks now. The guru dude, likes it this week for a move up.

MMUH - Ugh ... E-cig company. Stalled ... patience ... boredom ... apathy

CSLI - Super dark horse, but mainly just dark.

CCTC - Coal cleaning co. Some idiot on Yahoo should be doing jail time after manipulating an old SEC investigation letter, cutting and pasting CCTC's CEO in, changing the dates ... The company is all over it. Beyond that, they don't expect to be making any money any time soon but have some things in the pipeline ... news expected, etc. etc.

SKGO - A 'mini-bar' company- Got EPA approval yesterday for their gas pill ...

VCTY - Another 'mini-bar co. Waiting on 'merger' candidate.

QASP - Last but not least ... 1.4 mil pledge from Mr. Bradley to Mineseeker, acquired the maintenance company there at Herlong Airport - (Odd thing, the day this was announced I had been musing on them possibly acquiring something in their own backyard ...) - Still Cybil-like on this. Two acquisitions have been closed, yet no names, numbers ...

There it is .. a sea of red. (With a blotch of green)