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Thread: Market Watch Mar 1st - 8th 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoHerdGreg View Post
    Dr. D--

    I do have my finger on the trigger of ANX. Your post about doing TA just sums up my approach to buying a stock. In short, you are trying to predict the future. In order to do that, here's the input(s) I rely on to make the initial decision:
    1. I look at the Penny Stock Guru's site, read his picks. I look for one that has a compelling story, is a somewhat real company. The trick to using his recommendations is to GO BACK at least one week and see how his previous picks are doing.
    Usually, you can find that his timing was off, or see what truly happened (versus his prediction/recommendation).
    2. Go to The Shrub (and Google, etc.) to see what the overall feeling is of the lemmings. The word on the street, in other words. I get the overall sentiment here.
    3. Read the iBox on The Shrub to see share structure, etc.
    4. Look at the chart, at least going back one year. See how the stock has performed.

    Wad all those up and see how you feel about the stock at that moment. If I'm still interested, I may go through all that one more time (a day later), and if there are no major red flags, I will make a buy.

    I then immediately set a sell order for where I want to exit (in a perfect world).

    For ANX, I set my sell at $.28 (remember that I bought in at $.18). To me, that's a decent gain for my money. If things flatten out, I'll accept less. If things get really hot, I may hold off for more.
    Hey Greg,

    Like your strategy there ... Mine is probably bit's and pieces of the same, short of the impulsive and now somewhat regretfully decisions of the last several weeks. Tooling around the shrub has been educational on a number of fronts, I am more inclined towards Sheff's board but the ranges are a bit out of my reach right now ... Still looking to unload a couple of these dogs that I hit too late, the cinnabar consortium's. The great "Q" is still as intriguing as ever ...

    Thought this my be of interest to you, re: CCTC -

    Interesting read as well as an interesting gentleman there.

    P.S. Hi Julie! Hope it is finally begining to warm up out there! (The Focus still has that new car smell ... )

    P.P.S - Bill? We seem to have lost our connection ... Bill? Can you hear me now?
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