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Thread: Hank Paulson Blasts Republicans In His New Book

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    Hank Paulson Blasts Republicans In His New Book

    Im not a fan of Paulson's at all but at least he has the balls to call out some of the Republicans on their incompetence etc. He was a Republican appointee of
    George Bush.

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    Let's see if I can parse this.

    Conservatives have hate radio and spew venom and lies.

    Republican politicians are only interested in corporate welfare not individual well-being.

    Conservatives respect and support unqualified people (Palin) for the most important office in the country.

    Republicans obstruct the president to destroy him as a way to return to power. Party of NO becomes an accurate, frightening term. This proves the country's welfare is of no importance to them. F*** us.

    Republicans vote against assistance for their own constituents but then when the money becomes available, take it and claim it was through their efforts it became available.

    When Bush was president any criticism was deemed unpatriotic or worse but now it is done with impunity and with constant excuses. Republican politicians have even gone to foreign countries and advised those leaders to ignore the president's comments and policies. They are not held accountable.

    Republicans claim to want bipartisanship and when they get it from wimp Obama they shove it up his ass. He never learns.

    There is much more...but the point is made.

    And now another (there have been many) conservative Republican, from Wall Street, no less, shows them for what they really are. As if there isn't overwhelming evidence already. (for those who are not ideologues)

    And the gutless, scared, wimpy Democrats who apparently have no principles they care about, and who have been bought off by many of the same corporate thieves that pay off Republicans, don't have the stomach to fight these vicious, traitorous fascists.

    Yes, we're screwed.
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