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Thread: SIRIUS Weekly Thread Week of 02-15-2010

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    $1.11 at noon!

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    crews1 WINS!

    A big congrats to crews1!
    The SIRI price at 12:00 noon was 1.1099.
    Who would have thought the the winning prediction would be off by 6 cents, and that the prediction would be low?

    crews1, send me a PM with your contact info.

    crews1 - 1.050
    just sirius - 1.020
    Skivail - 1.000
    candleman - .960
    proactiv - .930
    airman - .925
    SiriuslyLong - .900

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    Quote Originally Posted by candleman View Post
    PROACTIV, this was an awful lot of fun. Thank you so much for adding to the fun with your incentive trip to Costa Rica.

    I can't top that, but I'll put a very nice seashell candle up the winner of our next fun little game that we come up with.

    I love this stock!
    You're welcome cm. That was a blast. Thanks for the seashell candle offer! Since the financials are being released next week, perhaps you would like to officiate a contest. Just set the rules and we'll play!

    Yes, I love this stock too.

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    Congratulations to crews1 on his win!

    Don't forget what you promised me, a weather report suitable
    for framing.
    The next best thing to being there.


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    Thanks for the congratulations and Big Thanks to proactiv for the very generous prize.

    I don't have the opportunity during the day to 'run' a contest but if someone would be willing to handle the duties, I'll supply the prize of a Nolan Ryan autographed baseball.

    Yes, this stock is lovable *now*. It has been frustrating and humbling at times, but we've come a long way since this time last year.

    With the CC coming up, it should be an interesting week.

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