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Thread: Camper Blocking My Sirius Reception

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    Camper Blocking My Sirius Reception

    I just loaded my large, overhead camper onto my 2010 Dodge Ram 3500 Crew Cab, with a factory media center, including Sirius sat radio...

    And now, with the factory sat antenna on the rear top of the truck cab being blocked by the camper, Sirius radio only works intermittently, at best.

    Two questions: 1. Can I place an adhesive, car, low-profile antenna atop the camper to make it work? 2. If so, where--exactly--do I plug in the
    SMB connector on the end of the 21 foot cable attached to the antenna extension? Do I have to tear down my headliner below the factory cab antenna to get access to the plug--or does the "cap" pop off that antenna from the outside? Or, does it plug in someplace else?

    Yes! Plugs into the Sirius satellite tuner! Anybody know where THAT is on this particular vehicle??? Guess I will be heading to the dealer Tuesday...
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