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Thread: Colberts Rips Fox on Snowstorms.

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    Colberts Rips Fox on Snowstorms.

    Fox = Faux for sure (fosho Ben.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Havakasha View Post
    Rachel Maddow joins the discussion.
    ho dumbass Havasucker the truth means nothing to you that is clear if they told you the sky was green you would believe it. That is plain and simple to see at this point I have given you example aftyer example of them lying to you and example after example of NONE of their predictions coming true and you still believe them when they say, opps were sorry we are going to now say 10 years staaaarttttttinnnnng NOW. How many times are they going to do that to you before you learn your lesson. They are making you out to be a fool and you are letting them.

    P.S. You dumbass I got all day, all the time, I am retired.

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    Climate and weather are two different things. Ask a Scientist and get some facts. Beck and Palin dont qualify. Sorry.

    Why is Vancouver experiencing the HOTTEST JANUARY in more than 70 years?
    Cat got your tongue? lol.

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