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Thread: Beck Backtracks After Lie

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    Beck Backtracks After Lie

    Roger Ailes lied about this same issue as well.

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    They're lying? No, these people don't lie. They always tell the truth. That's what all their cult members say. (oh, sorry)

    They know that they can get away with saying untruths because they will rarely be called on it. And they know they have lots of defenders; all those mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, easily excited hate-junkies who love to hear their prejudices justified. It makes them feel so good; kind of warm all over. And they get pissed when someone accuses them of…,of…, why anything at all. Because they are never wrong – never. Everyone else is wrong – all the time and about everything.

    If one knows anything about human psychology it is not surprising that most shun thinking critically. It is much simpler to give in to hatreds, prejudices (and your own weaknesses) and made easier if you don’t have empathy. If you cannot put yourself in another’s place by trying to understand their position or feelings, contempt for the “other” usually follows.

    I posted an article not long ago about a strongly “pro-life” family that decided to have a late-term abortion provided by Dr.Tiller, who was assassinated by a god fanatic. They have now come to understand that there are many sides to important issues – which they didn’t consider before their own dilemma. That is always the way it is. If it affects you it’s different than if it affects someone else.

    Americans should confront their embrace of organizations like Fox and realize they are being used. Their minds are being polluted to achieve ratings and profits. Fox management knows how easy it is to manipulate people. Just use emotion, “amaze” them and pander to their prejudices.

    When those that are rational hear what passes for news and opinion in this country it reminds them of propaganda from every authoritarian regime in history. We know what happened in those countries.

    We’re well on our way.
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    Europeans Are Apparently Much More Savvy Than We Are.

    Glenn Beck Loses 103 Sponsors as His UK Broadcast Runs 5 Days With No Ads

    Color of Change and announced that the United Kingdom has forcefully rejected Fox News host Glenn Beck. In fact, the UK broadcast of his show “was forced to run without any advertisements” for five days in a row as of yesterday. Additionally, 103 companies have agreed to stop their ads from appearing on his program. Some of the latest defections include Allstate Insurance, Anheuser-Busch, Idaho Potato Commission, Marriott International, Volkswagen, and Western Union. Some of their comments:

    – “We in no way want to promote the hateful rhetoric of Mr. Glenn Beck, and therefore take this matter very seriously,” said Dino Balzano, director of advertising at Concord Music Group, parent company of Hear Music, in an email to

    – “We do not intend to have any additional ad placements during the program,” said Jeff Flaherty, spokesperson for Marriott International, in an email to “I’d like to point out that diversity and inclusion are core values at Marriott and an essential component of our success.”

    – “I first learned about this controversy [in November] and asked Fox to take his show out of our rotation,” said Steve Schwartz, executive vice president of consumer services for Intersections, Inc., in an email to “We no longer advertise on Glenn Beck’s show.”

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