Hello Everyone:

Many of you may recognize me from my many posts about the former Court TV Radio Channel 110 and Vinnie Politan. Our website 110ers.com, since Dec. 21 of last year, have united in a campaign to bring Vinnie Politan back to the Sirius Satellite airwaves. Our members emailed and telephoned Sirius ever since that date and I am very happy to report that Sirius listened to its subscribers! On Monday, March 24, Vinnie Politan will be hosting the morning drive time slot on Indie Channel 110!

We are collectively thrilled and thankful to Sirius for bringing back a radio personality that just may become the alternative to Howard Stern in the mornings! I hope you all will tune in the show airing from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and give Vinnie a listen!

We may have made Satellite Radio history with the first on-air personality to be brought back on subscriber demand. I think this is news worthy. Any of you Sirius Buzz members that agrees with me, let the media know! I know of no better way for Sirius to let America know that Sirius "listens" to their customers and gives them the entertainment they demand!

Kudo to Sirius Satellite Radio and to Tyler Savery for all his help!


Mary Swanson