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Thread: China Leading Race to Make Clean Energy

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    China Leading Race to Make Clean Energy

    All those right wing ideologues who just dont get how important this industry will be in the future for the world's economies really ought to be tried for treason.

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    I know you failed your logic 101 course John. But there is a big difference between the fact of China being horribly polluted and their huge growth in the clean energy industry. Republicans are responsible for holding back the clean energy industry in this country and that will surely hurt our economy into the future.
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    Depressing that we wasted 8 years under Bush doing basically nothing except subsidizing coal, oil, gas, hydrogen, and corn ethanol.
    What a shame.

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    In today['s Conversation, Diane Sawyer talks to Jesse Jenkins from "The Breakthrough Institute," a think tank that focuses on clean energy. Sawyer and Jenkins chat via Skype about which global nations are leading the way in implementing energy technology that leaves a small carbon footprint.
    Which country is leading the way in green energy? How can the United States be a global leader in renewable energy? What can President Obama do to make the U.S. more competitive with China when it comes to green energy resources? All that and more in today's Conversation.

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