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Thread: This proves Global warming is on its way out.

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    This proves Global warming is on its way out.

    The survey shows that out of everything, "man made global warming" rates 21 out of 21 in the publicís priorities.

    P.S. I should mention that it is really just "global warming" and NOT "MAN MADE global warming". I wonder if that was included if it would even be on the list in the first place.

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    you want to know why I get pissy with people and call them dumbass twits. Here I will give you a clear example:

    These states all went for Obama in the election, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Indiana. All of those state have economies that depend on the coal industry for a large part of it. Yet here is what the man they elected to be president said he will try to do to the coal industry if he gets elected. ... -industry/

    Now you would have to be ether a, twit, or a dumbass, or a dumbass twit, or a out and out jackass to vote for Obama after hearing that if you lived in any of those states.

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