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Thread: The Largest Shareholder of News Corp is Saudi Oil Billionaire

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    The Largest Shareholder of News Corp is Saudi Oil Billionaire

    Outside of Murdoch of course.

    Hmmm. I wonder if a Billionaire enriched by Mideast Oil has something to gain by News Corp's propaganda and denial about climate change and global warming?

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    It's Okay

    I don't really care about this.

    Bush kissed and held hands with this guy, or another other Saudi, so it should be okay with us as to what they do. After all, Bush was our president.

    If Bush wanted to overlook the Saudi's 9/11 involvement, their manipulation of oil to screw us, their support of world-wide terrorism, their corruption which will eventually bring their kingdom to ruin (and the middle east), the Saud family preventing their people from having real freedom, keeping the country a vicious, tyrannical theocracy and preventing press freedom, why should we care?

    If they are good enough for Bush (he really likes them) they should be good enough for us and News Corp.

    Now that I think of it News Corp fits right in.
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