Hello Everyone!

I wondered if anyone had a chance to listen to Sirius' Channel 126 Client #9 programming this past weekend? What did you think? Not bad for putting together programming on the fly! Although, personally, I thought the subject suffered from burnout as the days went by. There's just so much you can discuss on a certain subject before all the questions have been asked and answered.

I hope some of you had a chance to listen to Vinnie Politan's segments. No matter what the subject, Vinnie can pull it off! And, he did it with class. No off color language and with a legal spin on the scandal. And, frankly, isn't that what great radio hosts are made of?

Okay, I am biased towards Vinnie but if any of you did hear Vinnie Politan and don't agree with me, nows your chance to take a swing at me! LOL