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Thread: Obama losing it again

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    Obama losing it again

    Ok lets see if you can figure this out he just got through saying on ABC that, "1) On what happened in the special election on Tuesday: "The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office....People are angry, and they're frustrated."

    Ok so let me get this straight they hated Bush and republicans so much that they voted in another republican. Yes thats right they voted in a man that said and said it again and again that he would stop Obamas polocies (to include healthcare, Scott Brown: "I will be the 41st vote against this healthcare reform").

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    SOME Ingredients That Are Missing...

    Raymond S. Nickerson (1987), an authority on critical thinking, characterizes a good critical thinker in terms of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and habitual ways of behaving. Here are some of the characteristics of such a thinker:

    uses evidence skillfully and impartially

    distinguishes between logically valid and invalid inferences

    suspends judgment in the absence of sufficient evidence to support a decision

    understands the difference between reasoning and rationalizing

    sees similarities and analogies that are not superficially apparent

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    Yea Adumbical you just keep thinking Obama is just a deeper thinker then the rest of us and watch what happens in 2010.

    Here are a few examples of his deep thinking:

    "Obama Uses Teleprompters During Speech at Elementary School..."

    I almost forgot what Obama told another democrat when he said we are in for another 1994. Yes thats right Obama told them dont worry 2010 will be nothing like 1994 because this time they have him.

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