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Thread: Sirius Skydock Etc

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    Sirius Skydock Etc

    Has anyone heard of a Sirius Sky Dock being worked on . I want that and a TTR for my SIRI internet premium. Currently I have 3 radio and 1 internet subs. I don't want to get the Sky Dock and have to pay Extra for the Best of Siri , just to Howard. Was there any rumors floating around the CES ?

    Not to go off topic , but has does the group feel about the Pioneer/Pandora offering. IMHO , it is a joke and destined to go the way of AT&T Cruisecast. That was around $1200 too. It drives me nuts , that the media keeps labeling Pandora/Slacker free. Anyone ever hear of Data/ISP charges ? 2010 , the rise of SIRI, 20+ million subs to close out the year!!!

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    Devils advocate... those data transfer charges will continue to drop in price.

    Also, those services are not free... they are ad supported (big difference IMHO).
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