Thats right I know MA. is some kind of huge surprise to Adumbical and Havasucker because they thought all those upset grandmas and grandpas at those town halls were just racist, Neo Nazi, right wingers, hell bent on taking down Obama. Yes those two also thought the Tea Party movement was nothing more then bunch of racist, Neo Nazi, right wing republicans.

What did I tell you havasucker would happen several months ago that republicans would win and that they would run more conservative then liberial. If you dont believe me take a look at everything Scot Brown has run on. Yes thats right, anti government health care, treating terrorist like terrorist. tax breaks for businesses, and smaller government. All those are conservative issues and not one is a liberial one.

I guess it is understandible if you only watch CNN, or MSNBC, or read the New York Times, you never saw this coming. You see thats why I watch Fox because people that watched FOX knew this kind of thing was coming. Ho yes Glenn Beck predicted it also.