For years Steve Jones (guitarist for the Sex Pistols) had a radio show here in Southern California until the station he was broadcasting from went under. He just recently started doing his show on a website called IAMROUGE.COM

Its obvious the gig has minimal exposure on-line but it would be a bigger deal if it was exclusively on SIRIUS. I beg of Mel K to look into it and consider giving it a slot on one of the channels. My suggestion would be to put in on the OUTLAW channel. Move some things around maybe a 6-9pm. Even a 12 bells show would be great if we could get a Bubba The Love Sponge repeat all day on 101. that would be amazing.

You could fire Riley and a few others and combine that income and pay Steve Jones. Please look into this. They day that Jonesy's jukebox goes to Sirius or if we get Howard for 5 more years, I will purchase a lifetime membership.

Thank you for the time.