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Thread: A Sirius Tale

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    A Sirius Tale

    The sun rose on the wagon train taking them east. They were in a circle protected against Indians and desperadoes.

    “Pa, I’m hungry.”

    “Havakasha, son. It’ll hold you over till later.”

    “Are we gonna start soon Pa, Ma asked?”

    “As soon as we git the horses hitched. And son go over to that ravine, it’s called a john, and do your business. Crap on John so we won’t have to stop afore midday.”

    Some of the other families came over to check the day’s schedule.

    “It seems we been traveling for months, Big Ben. How much longer it’s gonna be?”

    “I know, I know. We have to keep in mind that this is gonna pay off. We’re close. Melk said it would. We just have to trust him on this. Look, we got a lot of people relying on us. Some came to travel with us from far away, like Alaska Guy. And Los Tiburones from down south. And socalrunningfool who lived near us. Remember, just after we started Relmor2003, cos1000, JohnnyIrishXM and others decided against staying with us. They went their own way. I guess I don’t blame them. This trip is Atypical. We’re headed east. Everyone else is a going west. But it’s important we get there, and I’m Hopeful and don’t feel any Dread. I just don’t want any more pioneers to leave. Homer985 gave us good directions and said he was AbsolutelySirius it was the right way to go. He said to be guided by the Sirius star. Just Sirius, he said. Hell, it ain’t so bad. We got Bassmaster to catch us some fish on the way and Candleman for the nights when it gets too dark. And JulieToo and her mother help with the directions and the clean up every night. Warns us about weather, too. Don’t know what we’d do without her. And we got Boat if we need one. That star gives us good SiriusHope even though this trip is SiriuslyLong. If it weren’t for that star, I wouldn’t have gotten this good SiriusBuzz. Just grateful we haven’t had to et any Sirius Roadkill. That I don’t want to do.”

    It was time for them to hitch up and get moving. They were almost there. The day was bright and beautiful. It was good to be going toward the rising sun.
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    Hilarious. Thanks.

    I say too bad we dont have any hybrids to get us there quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

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