Yes I know people like Adumbical would like to forget that the USA is only just over 200 years old and in that time has become responsible for most of the discoveries taken place. Ho did I mention it was also the fastest rise of a country in HISTORY to be THE most powerful the likes of which has never been seen before in history.

Yes I know Adumbical forgets who actually starts corporations, yes thats right regular people, many of which came from counties because of the capitalist system in the USA. Yes people started companies from an idea those companies are corporations which by the way employ many others who would not have been if not for that person that first set out from just an idea.

So yes I understand why Adumbical hates capitalism. It is because it was the reason the USA became the most powerful country in the world in such a short time and Adumbical hates the fact the USA is so powerful. He believes America is a terrible country and doesn't deserve to have that much power. I am not sure which country he would like to have that much power, maybe he thinks that power would best be used by countries like the old communist Russia, or China, or Cuba, or maybe like Mark LLoyd (Obamas deversity czar) Venezuela.