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Thread: Switching Sirius Sub to XM SUb

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    Switching Sirius Sub to XM SUb

    I just bought a Toyota Venza and it has XM installed. I have an existing Sirius sub that I would like to switch to an XM sub for the car. Is that possible?


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    I just purchased a new Tundra with the Xm radio built in and have a lifetime subscription to Sirius. I emailed their customer service and was told that although they have merged they are currently not honoring each others subscriptions. Sounds like a bunch of b.s. to me I have had the lifetime for just over 2 years so I guess I am gonna install the Sirius radio in the new vehicle. If you ever get them to switch you let me know and I will do the same. Good luck

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    You can swap out the XM brain for a Sirius one. That said, you can not play Sirius through an XM radio... unfortunately that's just the way it is.
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    Is there any talk of honoring lifetime subscriptions for XM if you have the sub for Sirius that anyone has heard? It just drives me crazy to hear all of the commercials saying I can get the best of XM on Sirius yet they can't activate my Xm radio and deactivate the Sirius. I have gone ahead and installed the old Sirius radio in the new Tundra, what a shame to have the technology built in and not be able to use it. They keep sending me notices saying that I can reactivate for only $13.99 a month on XM but I am not paying them any more money.

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    With The MiRGE interoperable radio (the one that get's both XM & SIRIUS)
    I had to renew mine this week and when I called SIRIUS, they ask me if I wanted the ALL-IN-ONE plan or the SIRIUS EVERYTHING or XM EVERYTHING
    plan, last yr. all you could do was get both bands, now a yr. later SIRIUS is offering all of these plans, but you'll have to buy the MiRGE to do this tho, I thought i'd throw this out here so, everyone can see this, it's only available with the MiRGE radio only, no other plug & Play will do this, so you can choose SIRIUS or XM w/ the MiRGE, and now your not just stuck with both bands if you only want one, the only caught is the MiRGE radio is controlled only by SIRIUS, so SIRIUS is the only one that offers these different plans, XM will not help you at all w/ a MiRGE radio
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