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Thread: When will hydrogen cars be !% of worldwide sales. Lol

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    When will hydrogen cars be !% of worldwide sales. Lol

    i got Caveman John in a real pickle of contradictions and lies and i am going to enjoy watching the "dumbass" (his word not mine) try to get out of this.

    He keeps posting about the fact that hybrids today only are 1% of worldwide sales as if that means they arent going to "takeover" the auto market in future years. He claims hybrids will not be economically or technologically viable for 20 more years and also seems to claim they will NEVER be viable. He further claims that hydrogen autos will be the eventual winner.

    In case you havent been following the other thread (LOL) here are John's 2 "famous" comments on the subject.

    1. "I will say that hybrids will not be economically (viable) for at least 10 to 20 years. I will also say something i have been saying in PM's to people, that I DONT THINK THEY EVER BE BECAUSE I THINK HYDROGEN WILL HAVE COME TO BE THE REPLACEMENT FOR THEM ALL."

    2. "Here is a perfect example of what i have been saying for the longest time (that the technology (for hybrids) is not there yet AND WONT BE FOR ABOUT 20 YEARS)."

    So here is the question that i think John owes us an answer to. If the technology for hybrids wont be there for 20 years and they wont be economically viable for 10 to 20 years (huh? how could they be economically viable before they are technologically viable? I quibble. Anyway...) and hydrogen cars will be the replacement for them all, then when will Hydrogen cars have to reach even 1% of worldwide sales to back your thesis?

    Come on John show some integrity and answer the question.
    But the dumbass pussy shithead (his words not mine) will not answer.
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    And now on another closely related matter:
    What John also doesnt seem to know is that i had him on Ignore for several months and only changed that recently ( just look at my past comments about "not reading a word of what John writes") so when i was posting on Dec 4, 2009 i had ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT HE WAS WRITING (I wonder if Charles would have that information for proof?).

    I am still waiting (maybe you are researching it now though i seem to remember you were always able to pull up any old quotes at will in the past) for you to show me where i said "several times" that hybrids would be "25% or 30% of auto sales in 10 years. I certainly have shown you where i said 10% to 12% for 2020.

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    Come on John. Do i have to smoke you out of your cave? You're spending too much time in there along with Cheney and Bin Laden. Three peas in a pod.

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    John you really didnt think you were going to get away without answering to your contradictions and lies on this subject did you? That would be very dishonest. Own up buddy or your name is mud.

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    Until John responds this will be held up as an example of what a liar he is.

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    The more people that know John is a liar the better in my opinion.

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    Still wont answer. any quess why?

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    What does it mean when a person wont answer for their lies?

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    Really sorry Charles. But you go to admit its bad manners to lie and not even acknowledge that you have been caught in one.

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