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Thread: Hybrids make up less then 1% of total global sales

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    Hybrids make up less then 1% of total global sales

    Hybrids make up less then 1% of global sales


    "Last year, there were some 480,000 total hybrid vehicles sold around the world, which represents less than 1% of global sales."

    They also predict they will take off to be 13% of all sales by 2020.

    By JPMorgan

    I dont think that is all that much of a success do you. I dont think so if we compare that to what you have said Havasaka.

    I know havasucker thinks LESS then 1% is a success right is it any wonder I call him a twit.


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    Dumbass JPMorgan Just told you their estimate. I am willing to go with that. It still sucks 13% in ten more years is terrible and I and evryone else would not even be in SIRIXM if that was their projection for the next ten years.

    As for your bet dumbass I will set the whole thing up because unlike you have the extra 10,000 and I will forgo the interest on 10,000 for the next ten years. So set the bet up in Las Vegas and you cover the fee for it because ten years is a fee I am not going to take on and it is your bet so you cover it and once I get confirmation that you have deposited the 10,000 I will do the same. So come on bitch lets go. You got the 10,000, you got the ten years to wait, lets go bitch.

    Somehow I think I will be waiting a very very very long time (on second thought most likely never) for the information and conformation of the bet. Because your all talk and no substance. So come on back your mouth up with your check book, pussy.

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    " i am willing to got with it". LMFAO. What a joke you are. What about your 1% figure you keep harping on. Dont you believe that it aint going to change much? How about to 5%? LOL.

    I got you caveman. So now you finally agree that my figures are right? LOL
    So you want to bet using my figures. LOL.

    You just covered your ass with a total none bet.

    OK what do you bet for 2020? LOL.
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    If you think taking over 13% of a huge market in cars in 10 years sucks then you must not know much about business. Remember these hybrids are cars which YOU SAY arent economically or technically viable until 2030. LOL. Sucker!

    You got yourself in a pickle caveman and you're fighting like hell to get out of it huh. let me give you a hint. stop digging.
    Hybrids are going to be the biggest growth market in cars.

    Tough luck pussy bitch. Just using your own words.LOL. Using those words makes you feel like a real man now doesnt it? You could be the biggest schmuck (a Jewish word for dick) i have ever encountered.

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    What the hell are even talking about that information was already talked about here:

    I suggest you get better memory skills before you type another word, you dumb twit. Need a reminder here it is:

    "Only you could possibly say that 1% is alot or that 13% in 10 years is doing well. By the way it was you that said hybrids would take over the market in 10 to 20 years well 13% is nowhere near taking over the market. Lets also face it the myth of man made global warming is on its way out. (just go take a look at the latest poll I posted on the subject). How much money do you think the pulic is going to stand for on the government throwing away money on junk science. Once the government subsidies stop so will the buying.

    A non bet it is easy yousaid take over well then take over is at least 50.0001% it is not anything close to 13%. So like I said Put your money where your mouth is pussy get the 10,000 and post it. I will do the same and we will wait the ten years. Me personally I am willing to put the money up somehow I dont think you are. Yopu really should know who you are talking to before you start to spout out your dumbass hole.

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    Hybrids (hybrid plug-ins, electrics and clean diesel) are taking over the market. Hybrid Fusion just won car of the year.
    All car companies are putting them out and within 20 years they will probably be close to 50% of the sales.
    I know what JP Morrgan projected. I said 12 % in 2010 and 50 % in 2030. You said you now agree with my figures. Your memory aint too good. LOL.

    Arent you the one with the !% headline? Trying to get away from what that figure suggests for the future? Punk ass chicken schmuck.

    Love it John As ususal you try to change the bet. One big chicken.

    YOU NOW WANT TO AGREE with an industry projection that coincides with mine. LOL.
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    "i am willing to go with it" Chicken. You stole my prediction and JP Morgans cause you had no guts to go with your original idea of how badly hybrids will do .

    Whats your quess for 2030? LOL.

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    Dumbass the link to that thread was as clear as it could be. No one took your numbers, you had before said 25 and 30% in ten years several times before. So excuse me, 13% is a long way from 25 and 30%. You never said anything close to as low as 13% that is why I, yes thats right "I" put the thread up with that figure TO PROVE YOU WRONG DUMBASS, thats why I did it, because it totally was counter to what you had said before that.

    I did not have to steal any numbers because I never said anything but that hybrids would not be sold in big numbers until they are economical, 1% now and 13% in TEN YEARS is not big numbers in anyway shape or form. That number sucks especially when the government is putting 7500 dollars towards each car. Hummm I wonder what would happen to any other car if the government gave any other model 7500 dollars. I think we all know the answer to that one.

    Hey dumbass this is your logic, You would think it is because of the hybrids quality that they are the highest selling cars if the government gave 25,000 dollars for each hybrid. You would totally negate that the government is giving you the money for the car. You are so stupid you cant grasp the fact that car companies are forced to ramp up production of those tin cups because they are forced to have a average of 35 MPG. Here let me put this in termseven a dumbass like you can understand. The car companies have to because the government is forcing them to. The government is telling them they have to have a 35 MPG AVERAGE which means they have to do it if they still want to have a truck like the F-150 which does not get even close to 35 MPG, so they have to have a car that get much more then 35 MPG to average it out. The Government is forcing the car companies to produce car people dont want, that is obvious when the government gives you 7,500 dollars towards a car and that car is still only less then 1% of global sales.

    Now as for the bet, it is simple you said hybrids will be 50% by 2030 I say closer to 13%, I will expect you to give me the information on where to confirm that you posted the 10,000. Then I will do the same. Like I said somehow I doubt you will ever post that bet cause your a pussy and you dont have conviction or the money to back up your mouth.

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    You said hybrids would not be economically and technologically viable for 20 years. You said people were stupid to buy them. You look like a fool now dont you?

    Wrongo bozo. Do you want to make a bet that i said 12%? i will produce it once you agree to a bet. Putz! (Jewish for dick. lol)
    You're a chicken thru and thru. Keep putting up that 1% figure and keep trying to suggest that hybrids wont be a huge part of the car market. Toyota is workiing on 8 new hybrids and expects to sell 1,000,000 a YEAR in the early part of this decade.

    You say that going from 1% in car sales to !3% in 10 years sucks?
    Ask any automobile executive if they agree with that statement. I think they
    would laugh in your face.
    If i had told you 5 years ago that hybrids would make up
    13% of all cars sold in 2020 you would have laughed in MY face.

    OK so lets make this clear you are now saying that hybrids (hybrid plug-ins and electrics. i will leave out clean diesels even though i put them in every discussion of new alternative energy cars) will be 13% of the sales in 2030 is that correct? That is what you wrote in your last post correct? if so the bet will be on. Lets meet and go to a notary public together.

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