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Thread: Wishing Eduardo Well

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    Wishing Eduardo Well

    Eduardo is a member of the Sirius Buzz forums, and investor in satellite radio, and a friend to me. I was fortunate to have been able to get to know Edurdo first through e-mails, and then via telephone. He is an asset to the forums, and anyone lucky enough to know this man has a fortune in friendship. Eduardo is simply a kind and caring person who takes the extra step when others would simply sit idle.

    For those not aware, Eduardo was diagnosed with cancer, and is pursuing what some may term as a radical treatment regiment outside the United States. By all traditional (western medicine) estimates, Eduardo has already gone beyond what many feel is possible. Eduardo is a fighter though, and recently received some good news.

    His latest scans have shown that the tumors have shrunk by 8%. He is now progressing to the next phase of his treatments and on an exercise program and specific diet. Eduardo is persevering where many would have already given up, and I wanted to take this opportunity, with Eduardo's permission, to give the board and update.

    From Eduardo's latest email:

    "I am in the midst of an extended program which means that I rise before 5AM each morning and am ready to begin workouts that go from 5AM till 5PM in the evening 5 days a week . I was totally spent this weekend as I fell asleep at 7:30 Friday night and didn't wake till 1:30 Saturday afternoon .

    I did receive my Cat Scan results last week and my tumors have shrunk at an average of 8% . That is why we started the next phase of treatment a longer more grueling workout schedule and I have now been able to include fresh picked raw organically grown veggies and nuts in my diet."

    Please join me on this thread to express your best wishes to Eduardo as he battles cancer.
    Tyler Savery
    Satellite Standard Founder

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    Eduardo, as a registered nurse and the fiancee of a cancer surviver (currently in remission after 2 relapses), I know that the United States does not have very good cancer research and the majority of innovations are made outside of the US and then they MIGHT make it over here in 5-10 years. Exercise and the mind have both been proven to make a difference in healing, and if you believe and keep a positive attitude, you will be rewarded.

    Keep fighting and keep beleiving.
    Let us know if you need support.

    Brian R.

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    First of all, thanks, T.S., for this update.

    Eduardo, I'm so pleased to hear that your progress is good. Keep up the good work and keep fighting. I'm pulling for you. I'll save up some Bushisms for when you have some time when you're not so tired from your grueling schedule. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

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    Hope the best for you Eduardo

    Im sorry to hear about your illness, but glad to hear your fighting it like a soldier and winning.
    I wish the best for you and your family, and for a full recovery.

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    Tyler ,

    Thank you sir .

    And I would also like to thank the rest of you for the encouragement . I am fighting hard down here in Chile folks and I think that we are making good progress . I have recently graduated to a 5 day a week 12 hour a day workout regimen that is considered the advanced program here for those that are expected to recover fully from their particular ailment .

    There are mostly cancer patients here but treatment includes some aids patients among a few other things . It is really an amazing thing . Coming from the west we are led to believe that everything in the US is best and most advanced . I have traveled a lot in my life I have been to every continent in the world except Antarctica and I can tell you the the US doesn't have a monopoly on the best of everything !!! And the experience that I am living right now has cemented that notion 100% in my mind !

    And the only way to make the US the best at everything is to question and push and prod and make our elected officials do the right things for the people. Instead of their own best interests or the interests of the lobbiests giving them the most money !

    I am living proof that we are being duped by big pharmaceuticals and the AMA every time we turn around . And that is just the tip of the iceberg . I was given three months to live at the end of October and without taking any of the US medical establishments poison I have now reduced my tumors by 8% and am on the comeback trail . I was supposed to be dead over two months now !

    Now I may be dead and to dumb to fall over but I feel really good for a dead guy !!!

    LMAO !!!

    Well folks I really appreciate the well wishes , prayers and inspiration you have given me . And I would like you all to know one thing . There is never anything out of your reach . It may be difficult and it might be daunting to think about achieving whatever it is you want to accomplish . But it is within your grasp if you put your mind to it !!!

    Thank you my friends ,

    Eduardo S Fernandez

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    You are absolutely correct Eduardo. If there is ANYTHING AT ALL that the US does not lead in, it is medicine. Big business and Big Money have done their best to make a profit off of ANYTHING, and if they are not allowed to do so, they push to have it outlawed in the United States. Top that off that the United States is the Law Suit capital of the world, and you will quickly see why the majority of all significant medical research is not done in the United States.

    Did you know that damn near 100% of the top people in the FDA go to work for pharmacutical companies when they are done at the FDA? Hmmm I wander how their approval of certain meds/procedures influences their paychecks whe they get there?

    Did you know that Aspirin, Tylenol, and Vitamin C were both nearly considered DRUGS by the FCC? Aparanetly they were "too potent" for the American Public to be able to control, and thus they should have prescriptions for them. Of course, with increased regulation comes increased prices. Now, who would that benifit?

    If it is not sold by a pharmacutical company, it can not be advertised as a "drug" or a "cure" or "treatment of specific disease." Exercise has been identified WORLD WIDE to treat a wide variety of diseases, but doctors can not even tell their patient's this, because if they did they would be liable if it didnt work.

    Aint it great to be an American?

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    Well my friends I have some good news . I just received the newest results from my latest Cat Scan . Tumors are shrinking at a fast rate and are now 23% smaller than when I arrived in Chile . I would like to thank you for your support and assure you that I am working hard down here .

    MY ETA for the states is late June or early July if all goes well !

    Take care you are all in my thoughts ,

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    Thumbs up Eduardo

    Eduardo, I just read your most recent post. Congratulations! This is nothing short of a miracle. I'm so very happy for you. Keep up the fight and come home healthy!

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    Eduardo, how are things going? Your ETA was late this month, has anything changed? Hope you are still doing good. Keep us up to date.

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