Eduardo is a member of the Sirius Buzz forums, and investor in satellite radio, and a friend to me. I was fortunate to have been able to get to know Edurdo first through e-mails, and then via telephone. He is an asset to the forums, and anyone lucky enough to know this man has a fortune in friendship. Eduardo is simply a kind and caring person who takes the extra step when others would simply sit idle.

For those not aware, Eduardo was diagnosed with cancer, and is pursuing what some may term as a radical treatment regiment outside the United States. By all traditional (western medicine) estimates, Eduardo has already gone beyond what many feel is possible. Eduardo is a fighter though, and recently received some good news.

His latest scans have shown that the tumors have shrunk by 8%. He is now progressing to the next phase of his treatments and on an exercise program and specific diet. Eduardo is persevering where many would have already given up, and I wanted to take this opportunity, with Eduardo's permission, to give the board and update.

From Eduardo's latest email:

"I am in the midst of an extended program which means that I rise before 5AM each morning and am ready to begin workouts that go from 5AM till 5PM in the evening 5 days a week . I was totally spent this weekend as I fell asleep at 7:30 Friday night and didn't wake till 1:30 Saturday afternoon .

I did receive my Cat Scan results last week and my tumors have shrunk at an average of 8% . That is why we started the next phase of treatment a longer more grueling workout schedule and I have now been able to include fresh picked raw organically grown veggies and nuts in my diet."

Please join me on this thread to express your best wishes to Eduardo as he battles cancer.