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Thread: Toyota's Prius Top-Selling Car in Japan Last Year

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    Toyota's Prius Top-Selling Car in Japan Last Year

    But according to caveman John, hybrids wont be technologically or economically feasible for another 20 years. LOL. Give it up John and come out of your cave. You are missing some good investment possibilities in the field of battery technology and alternative energy.

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    According to Stephanie Brinley (industrial analyst for the auto industry) "The cool thing about these (hybrids) cars is they're no longer a big deal at the auto show! Automakers no longer scream, 'We've got a hybrid'! They're just another part of the show, which Brinley says shows THEY'VE FINALLY ENTERED THE MAINSTREAM."

    If you live in a cave you just might not know.

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