Got a new dodge with the RER Mygig nav/sat radio. Dealer had it set up with the 1 year trial subscription to sirius audio and traffic. Called Sirius to extend subscriptions on audio and traffic. They told me the traffic esn (id) for my unit is for audio service. Pulled out radio and checked computer label on bottom of unit, has one sirius id for audio and another for sirius traffic, and they match the subscriptions page of my radio screen. Sirius is trying to tell me that I have two audio tuners in my radio, yet I was getting traffic updates until they messed around and killed my traffic id account. Now they want me to go to dealer and have them replace a $2200 radio because the id doesn't match what they say it should be. The dealer says they're full of it, there's nothing wrong with the radio. What's a person supposed to do with this???