Alright, so here's the issue. We open the box and connect to a Sportster SP5 and it works the first time with no issues. The next day we have all the cables connected in the house and we try once again to make sure that the SP5 is getting signal and it comes back with "Antenna Not Detected". We all know that it means that it's not connected through the wires. So we think it's something in the house, check each cable with the antenna to see if we can get the SP5 to see the signal. Nothing. So we then setup the exact set of cables night before and guess what "Antenna not detected" So did we short something in the antenna by testing it? Also, this is the 2nd antenna we've tried this on. Are outdoor antennas faulty to begin with? Audiovox sent us one while it was in the window of the warranty, but they don't really answer any questions. Can't find any real information reguarding the home antenna on sirius website. Let me know if anyone has any ideas. Thanks.