Yes I know Havasucker would like to play Glenn Beck off as a fool and just keep attacking him. One just has to ask the question why. The answer is look at Becks results. Yes what Havasucker is afraid of is the fact that Glenn Beck has been more resposible for bringing down the Obama administration then anyone else. As I have said before just look at Becks results.

1.) Van Jones


3.) Several heads of the NIA (national institute for the arts)

4.) Anita Dunn

The list go on and on, yes they like to say Beck slandered those people. Beck, I guess in Havasuckers world, did by using what they themselves have said. Once again Havasucker will never understand why when they try to do what Glenn Beck does it never seems to work. Here Havasucer I will tell you, you see when you cut a clip, you have got to make sure the rest of the clip will not be known or that the rest of the clip does not explain what was being said in the part you and they sliced and diced. That is your proplem when Beck nails them with what they have said it was not taken out of context and the rest of the clip only helps what Glenn Beck was saying they are saying. That is why everyone of the people and organizations Beck has gone after have been buried and when they go after Beck his audience just gets bigger. As they say, the proof is in the puudding. Look at what has happen to each of the ones exposed by Beck and what has happen to Beck. Everyone exposed by Beck has had to ether resign or be fired, all the while Beck has become the second most watched person on cable news Just after O' Rielly.